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Board of Investments

The Board of Investments (BOI) is responsible for establishing LACERA’s investment policy and objectives, as well as exercising authority and control over the investment management of the retirement fund. Four of its members are appointed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; two are elected by general members; safety members elect one member, as do retired members. The law requires the County Treasurer and Tax Collector to serve as an ex-officio member.

Pursuant to §31522.8 of the Government Code, the Board has adopted an Education Policy.

BOI Board Members

BOI members bring diversified expertise and experience to their positions. Select from the menu below to view a photo and bio of each member.

BOI Bylaws

Bylaws provide regulations for the election of officers and all other matters relating to the administrative procedure of the BOI.

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BOI Committees

Committees review corporate governance and fiduciary oversight information prior to reporting to the full Board(s).

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The Board of Investments meets at 9:00 a.m. on the second Wednesday of each month. Note: Meetings are subject to change. The current meeting schedule is below.

January 2014
1/8/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda & Minutes
February 2014
2/12/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda & Minutes
March 2014
3/12/14 Board of Investments Meeting

Agenda & Minutes

3/12/14 Equity: Public/Private Committee Meeting Agenda
3/19/14 Audit Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes
April 2014
4/9/14 Board of Investments Meeting

Agenda & Minutes

4/9/14 Corporate Governance Committee Amended Agenda
4/9/14 Real Estate Committee Agenda
4/25/14 Real Estate Committee Agenda
May 2014
5/1/14 Budget Hearing Agenda
5/21/14 Budget Hearing Agenda
5/21/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda & Minutes
5/21/14 Fixed Income/Hedge Funds/Commodities Committee Agenda
5/21/14 Portfolio Risk Agenda
June 2014
6/11/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda
6/11/14 Equity: Public/Private Committee Agenda
6/11/14 Portfolio Risk Committee Agenda
July 2014
7/9/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda
7/9/14 Portfolio Risk Committee Agenda
7/9/14 Corporate Governance Committee Agenda
7/16/14 Audit Committee Agenda
7/16/14 Travel Committee Agenda
August 2014
8/13/14 Board of Investments Meeting Agenda
8/13/14 Public/Private Equity Committee Agenda
8/13/14 Real Estate Risk Agenda
September 2014
9/10/14 Board of Investments Meeting N/A
9/10/14 Equity: Public/Private Committee N/A
October 2014
10/8/14 Board of Investments Meeting N/A
10/8/14 Real Estate Committee N/A
10/8/14 Corporate Governance Committee N/A
November 2014
11/12/14 Board of Investments Meeting N/A
11/12/14 Fixed Income/Hedge Funds/Commodities Committee N/A
11/12/14 Portfolio Risk N/A
December 2014
12/4/14 Audit Committee Meeting N/A
12/10/14 Board of Investments Meeting N/A
12/10/14 Equity: Public/Private Committee N/A

To access older minutes not listed above, use the Board Minutes Archive page.