New Tier 2 Retiree Healthcare Program Affects New County Employees

The L.A. County Retiree Healthcare Benefits Program - Tier 2 is now available to new County employees hired after June 30, 2014.* Tier 2 offers the same selection of medical and dental/vision plans and the same County subsidy percentages as those offered by the LACERA-administered Retiree Healthcare Benefits Program. What makes Tier 2 somewhat different is just the way it is structured. For more information, including examples of how the County Retiree Healthcare Subsidy affects Tier 2 retirees, visit RHC: TIER 2.

Be in the know: Watch the Tier 2 video.

*Affected new employees first became eligible for LACERA membership on or after August 1, 2014 and were not eligible for reciprocity with a reciprocal agency based on service prior to August 1, 2014.