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RFP: Audit Committee Consultant

The Audit Committee of the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA), requests proposals from qualified candidates to serve as Audit Committee Consultant. The Audit Committee Consultant serves as a designated technical expert advising the Audit Committee on audit and financial matters and serves a three year term. Interested consultants are invited to respond to this RFP.

Scope of Services

LACERA’s Audit Committee seeks a professional consultant to serve as Audit Committee Consultant. The selected consultant will serve as the Audit Committee’s designated technical expert and will advise the Committee on audit and financial matters. The consultant agreement will begin in January 2021 and the Audit Committee Consultant will serve a three-year term. Refer to RFP: Statement of Work section, for a detailed description of the consultant services.

Respondents must have experience and knowledge in internal and external audit practices, as well as an extensive understanding of government accounting standards and financial practices. Your response should provide relevant information to demonstrate your firm’s ability to provide the services that we are seeking. Refer to RFP: Proposal Requirements section which provides a detailed list of information to include in your response.

Submission Requirements

Please deliver an electronic copy of your proposal no later than 5:00 PM, November 18, 2020 to the point of content specified below.

Leisha Collins
Principal Internal Auditor
300 North Lake Avenue, Suite 840
Pasadena, CA 91101-4199
Phone: (626) 564-6000 ext. 3516
Fax: (626) 685-4632


All questions, inquiries, and requests for additional information concerning this RFP, should be directed to the Point of Contact, either by mail or email no later than October 30, 2020. LACERA will post responses to written requests on the website.

Tentative Timetable

The following is a tentative schedule for this search. The evaluation and staff recommendation phases are subject to modification by LACERA.

Task Date
RFP Release Date October 23, 2020
Written Questions from Firm Due Date October 30, 2020
LACERA's Response to Firms' Questions November 6, 2020
Intent to Respond November 16, 2020*
RFP Due Date November 18, 2020
Finalist Contacted November 25, 2020
Finalist Interviewed at Audit Committee Meeting (Remote) December 11, 2020
Commencement of Work January 1, 2021

*The time to respond to this RFP has been extended to November 16, 2020 as noted in the revised Exhibit G RFP Materials.

RFP Materials

RFP: Audit Committee Consultant
Exhibit F - Audit Comittee Charter
Exhibit G - Intent to Respond
RFP Questions