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The Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association ("LACERA") is requesting proposals from qualified firms interested in providing non-discretionary advisory/consulting services for real estate investments. in Section II, Scope of Services.


The purpose of this RFP is to select a consultant to provide consulting services for direct investments by LACERA in real estate, by making such investments through limited partnerships, separate accounts, funds of one, commingled vehicles and other investment structures.

LACERA will consider proposals for a real estate consultant. The proposal must demonstrate that the consultant is capable of providing advice and recommendations for the service category(ies) proposed. Proposals must specifically identify the scope of services offered under appropriate descriptive headings and any asset categories, strategies, or vehicles excluded from the services offered.

Firms are invited to submit proposals for real estate consulting services described above.

Submission Requirements

Submit your Intent to Respond (Attachment A) by 3:00 PM, PST, Friday, September 11, 2020. The completed proposal (email and hard copies) must be delivered by 3:00 PM, PST, Friday, September 18, 2020. Any proposal delivered after the proposal deadline will not be considered. Faxed transmissions are not acceptable. The email transmission and an original (unbound) and six copies (bound) of the completed proposal are to be sent to the attention of:

Mr. John McClelland
Principal Investment Officer
300 North Lake Avenue, Suite 620
Pasadena, CA 91101

Also send one unbound copy marked "REDACTED". The redacted copy should exclude all material from your proposal that you believe in good faith is exempt from disclosure under the California Public Records Act (Cal. Gov. Code Sections 6250 et seq.) (described in Section VI of this RFP). Redactions should appear as blacked out material or blank page(s) with the word "REDACTED" or "PROPRIETARY" inserted.


All questions, inquiries, and requests for additional information concerning this RFP should be received no later than 3:00 PM, PST, Friday, August 21, 2020 and should be emailed to ( All questions received and responses thereto will be posted on LACERA's website ( under the "RFP Opportunities" section on or about 3:00 PM PDT, Friday, August 28, 2020.

Tenative Timetable

The following is a tentative schedule for this search. The evaluation and staff recommendation phases are subject to modification by LACERA.

Task Date
LACERA RFP Issued August 14, 2020
Submission – RFP Questions Deadline (Firm) August 21, 2020
Submission – Letter of Intent (Firm) September 11, 2020
LACERA Response to Written Questions August 28, 2020
Submission – RFP Response Deadline September 18, 2020
Notification of Firms Past First Round (Tentative) October 9, 2020
Notification of Advancement (Tentative) October 30, 2020
Board of Investments Interviews (Tentative) December 9, 2020
Selection Announced (Tentative) December 9, 2020

RFP Materials

RFP: Consultant Search for Real Estate Consultant
A - Intent to Respond
B - Real Estate Holding
C - Invest Policy Statement
D - Minimum Qualification
E - Questionnaire
F - Supplemental Questionnaire
G - LACERA Diversity and Inclusion
H - Master Investment Consulting Agreement
Responses to Questions
Target Allocation
Commingled Fund Holdings