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Committee Members

  • J.P. Harris Chair
  • Herman B. Santos Vice Chair
  • Ronald A. Okum
  • Gina Zapanta-Murphy
  • Wiliam Pryor Alternate


  • Ricki Contreras
  • Frank Boyd

The Disability Procedures and Services Committee meets as needed, following the first board meeting of the month. The Committee reviews policies and services related to disability issues.

The committee’s purview includes the review of:

  • Board of Retirement bylaws pertaining to the disability process
  • Board of Retirement Physician Guidelines
  • Applications to the LACERA Panel of Examining Physicians
  • Applications to the LACERA Service Providers panel
  • Applications to the LACERA Job Analysts panel
  • Performance of an individual or firm on any LACERA panel

Additionally, the committee drafts and presents policies to the Board of Retirement for its review and approval. The drafted policies are designed to enhance the Board of Retirement’s effectiveness in evaluating disability applications and protecting the privacy of member disability records.


Committee Members

  • Les Robbins Chair
  • Shawn R. Kehoe Vice Chair
  • Vivian H. Gray
  • Ronald A. Okum
  • J.P. Harris Alternate


  • Cassandra Smith

The Benefits and Legislative Committee meets following the second board meeting of each month to collect and review research information on employment-based retiree health coverage. The Committee also evaluates pending legislation and reports its findings and recommendations to the Board of Retirement.

The committee’s areas of interest include:

  • Industry and marketplace information
  • Carrier claims experience
  • LACERA renewal rates and information

Additionally, the committee:

  • Reviews and tracks pending national and/or state legislation
  • Recommends LACERA’s position on state legislation to the Board of Retirement


Committee Members

  • Shawn R. Kehoe Chair
  • Thomas Walsh Vice Chair
  • Joseph Kelly
  • Les Robbins
  • Vivian H. Gray Alternate


  • JJ Popowich

This committee, which meets after the first board meeting of each month, convenes following the Insurance, Benefits and Legislative Committee meeting.

The Operations Oversight Committee (OOC) advises the Board of Retirement in the development, implementation, and review of LACERA’s operating policies and procedures.

In its advisory role, the committee:

  • Monitors the organization’s progress in meeting our mission to “Produce, Protect and Provide the Promised Benefits”
  • Analyzes changes to benefit policies
  • Investigates member service issues
  • Ensures the privacy and confidentiality of our membership data
  • Evaluates staff’s effectiveness and efficiency in securing appropriate resources
  • Examines financial integrity through periodic expenditure report reviews
  • Serves as an educational forum

Joint Committees


Committee Members

  • Joseph Kelly BOI
  • Gina V. Sanchez BOI
    Vice Chair
  • Herman B. Santos BOR
  • Les Robbins BOR
  • Shawn R. Kehoe BOI
  • Alan J. Bernstein BOR


  • Richard Bendall

Committee is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, and elected Audit Committee member from each Board.

This joint committee of Board of Retirement and Board of Investments members meets in March, July, and November on the third Wednesday of the month. The Audit Committee assists both boards in fulfilling their fiduciary oversight responsibilities. Responsible for overseeing LACERA’s governance activities, including risk management practices and related internal controls, it reports to the boards as necessary. The committee focuses on matters relating to finance, investments, and operations.

Within each organizational area, the Audit Committee oversees four primary functions:

  • Policies and programs
  • Monitoring and enforcement
  • Contracting and coordination
  • Reporting and communication

Joint Organizational Governance COMMITTEE


Committee Members

  • Alan J. Bernstein BOR
  • Shawn R. Kehoe BOI
    Vice Chair
  • Vivian H. Gray BOR
  • Ronald A. Okum BOR
  • Les Robbins BOR
  • Joseph Kelly BOI
  • David Green BOI
  • David L. Muir BOI


  • Lou Lazatin
  • Steven Rice

Committee is made up of the BOR and BOI Chair, BOR and BOI Vice Chair, BOR and BOI appointed member, and elected Committee member from each board.