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Change in Agenda Postings for BOI Meetings

Consistent with the existing Board of Retirement procedure, materials for the Board of Investments and BOI committee meetings are now posted with the agendas at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting. This change was made to increase the transparency of Board of Investments and BOI committee meetings by making the meeting materials readily available online to LACERA’s members and the public.

3-5-18 Agendas: BOI, Fixed Income/Hedge Funds/Commodities, and Portfolio Risk

For additional board and committee agendas, visit the Archived Agenda Packages page.

Retirees Beware of Phone Calls from Scammers

Some pension systems in California have reported that scammers have been making phone calls to their members saying they owe money to the fund. Recently, LACERA received one report of a LACERA member being targeted in this manner. These scammers employ fear tactics, telling retirees they must send money through prepaid credit cards in order to receive their pension. LACERA would like you to be aware just in case you receive a similar call.

Should this happen to you, rest assured: Even if a caller claims to be from LACERA and the caller ID appears authentic, you can be confident it’s fraudulent because LACERA will never call to ask you for money. In the case of a legitimate overpayment (or underpayment), we will mail you a letter with details pertaining to your specific situation. Please call us at 800-786-6464 if you receive any suspicious communication.


LACERA CEO Announces Retirement
September 14, 2017