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The "Disclosure of Enterprise Systems Information" chart is a catalog of the software applications and computer systems ("Product") that LACERA currently uses to manage data. Also listed are the vendor, the product's purpose, a description of the data it manages, the LACERA division that serves as the primary custodian, and how often the data is collected and updated. This information is provided in compliance with Senate Bill No. 272 (Government Code Section 6270.5), effective July 1, 2016.

Disclosure of Enterprise Systems Information Government Code §6270.5 (SB 272) | Updated 07/1/2020
Vendor Product Purpose Data Type Custodian Frequency
Collected Updated
Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Accounting Financial Data Accounting Daily Daily
EMC Documentum Operational Document Mgmt Documents Systems Daily Daily
IBM FileNet Operational Document Mgmt Documents Systems Daily Daily
Microsoft SQL Database Operational Data Systems Daily Daily
IBM P8 Operational Document Mgmt Operational Data Systems Daily Daily
IBM DB2 Database Operational Data Systems Daily Daily
LACERA Membership System Benefit Payment Processing Various Systems Daily Daily
Microsoft Office Suite Office Automation Various Systems Daily Daily
*Email *Email Communications Email Systems Daily Daily

*As provided in Government Code §6270.5 (e) the public interest served by not disclosing the email vendor and specific product name in these sections clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the record. The public does not benefit by knowing the vendor name and exact product. This information could be used to attempt to exploit the system; therefore LACERA has included a system name, brief title, or identifier of the system. LACERA also relies upon Government Code §6254.19 to exempt the disclosure of records that would reveal vulnerabilities to, or otherwise increase the potential for an attack on, an information technology system of a public agency.