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The Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) invites proposals from experienced professionals in response to this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide media and public relations services to LACERA, its governing Board of Retirement and Board of Investments, and staff. The selected respondent will partner with LACERA to effectively communicate the organization’s message, priorities, and successes to the media and other stakeholders on a wide variety of issues and initiatives, and thereby enhance public understanding and appreciation of the organization. The services involve both development and implementation of an overall strategic communications plan and assistance in planning and messaging for specific issues as they arise on an ongoing basis.

Scope of Services

LACERA seeks to hire a media and public relations consultant to provide advice and services related to the full range of LACERA’s operations and governance, including strategic planning as well as responses to immediate issues that may arise during the course of LACERA’s operations. As used in this Request for Proposals, “media” refers to all channels of local, state, national, and international media, including but not limited to print, television and radio, and social media platforms. The responsibilities and deliverables of the consultant include the following:

  • A. Analyze and evaluate existing and anticipated media and public relations issues facing the organization and its Boards.
  • B. Develop proactive messaging consistent with LACERA’s Mission, Vision, and Values in the interest of transparency, good relationships, and communication to promote understanding and appreciation of LACERA’s achievements and to further LACERA’s standing, visibility, and positive profile in the media and with stakeholders.
  • C. Provide oral and written advice to the Board of Retirement, Board of Investments, and/or staff regarding media and public relations issues.
  • D. Monitor, track, and keep the Boards and staff immediately informed of all media concerning LACERA or issues that may relate to LACERA or its business.
  • E. Make direct contact with media and stakeholder groups as needed, and counsel the LACERA Boards and staff in connection with contacts they may have with the media and stakeholders.
  • F. Prepare and review media releases, statements, communications, and presentations to the media and stakeholder groups.
  • G. Prepare strategic media and public relations planning documents and work plans.
  • H. Maintain regular oral and written communications with the Boards and staff concerning media and public relations issues.
  • I. Respond to immediate or short-term media inquiries, and develop proactive plans for immediate needs and circumstances as they occur.
  • J. Review and coordinate member communication documents with, and provide talking points for, LACERA staff, including but not limited to Communications, Member Services, and Retiree Health Care Divisions, regarding media content to ensure consistency across media and member communication channels.
  • K. Collaborate with other LACERA professionals, including but not limited to auditors, actuaries, counsel, and investment consultants, to obtain and share knowledge or address particular LACERA issues.
  • L. Assist in other media and public relations issues, as requested.

Submission Requirements

Submissions must be delivered in PDF format via email to by the due date stated above in the RFP Calendar. In addition, respondents must send three (3) hard copies of their submissions for delivery by the due date stated in the RFP Calendar addressed to:

Attention: Steven P. Rice
Chief Counsel
300 North Lake Avenue, Suite 620
Pasadena, CA 91101

See “Notice Regarding the California Public Records Act and Brown Act” in this RFP for information regarding redactions and disclosure.

Deadline For RFP Response

The completed proposal must be delivered by July 24, 2020. Any proposal delivered after the proposal deadline will not be considered.

Questions Relating To This RFP

Respondents are encouraged to communicate any questions regarding this RFP by the deadline stated above in the RFP Calendar. Questions should be sent in writing via email only to Steven P. Rice, Chief Counsel, at Questions and answers will be posted at by the date stated in the RFP Calendar.

Tentative Timetable

The following is a tentative schedule for this search. The evaluation and staff recommendation phases are subject to modification by LACERA.

Task Date
LACERA RFP Issued June 2, 2020
Written Questions and Requests for Clarification Due July 10, 2020
Responses to Questions Posted July 15, 2020
Proposals Due July 24, 2020
Finalist Interviews August 2020 to be determined
Estimated Final Selection and Approval by the Boards September 2020 to be determined

RFP Materials

RFP: Media and Public Relations Consultant

Responses to Questions