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If You Submit Your Retirement Documents by Mail:

You may write a letter to LACERA indicating you’re electing to retire, and fax it to us at: 626-564-6155. You must also mail the original paper copy of your letter, indicating that you elect to retire or your completed Retirement Benefit Estimate and Election to Retire Form to LACERA. The faxed letter or form will reserve your retirement date and will be processed once we receive the mailed original document.

Picture of a letter

Your letter must include the following:

  • Name
  • Employee number
  • Date of retirement
  • Retirement option
  • Signature

It can be as simple as: “I, Jane Doe, employee number 888888, elect to retire on March 31, 2015, under the Unmodified allowance.”

Be sure to sign your forms and mail them to LACERA two months prior to your retirement date. Enrollment forms for LACERA-administered health and dental insurance will be mailed to you after your retirement has been formally granted by the Board of Retirement.