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7-Steps Video
Here’s an easy way to understand the retirement process.
Take these seven steps to prepare for a successful retirement.

Retirement Options

When you retire, you have "Options" for how your retirement allowance is distributed to you.
There are six Retirement Options for you to select from. Take a look at the Options and find the
best fit for you and your lifestyle.


And the big retirement question: How much money are you going to receive when you retire?

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Retirement Benefit Estimate (RBE) Calculator on My LACERA.
You can create a personalized calculation of your monthly retirement allowance on the RBE Calculator. The calculator pre-populates your personal data on file with LACERA and displays the totals for each of the six Retirement Options.


Each retirement plan has specific requirements regarding age and years of service credit that must be met in order to qualify for retirement.

Retirement Checklist

Here’s a detailed timeline of activities to review and manage as you progress though your retirement planning.

Are you a member of both Plan D and Plan E?

If so, you are a Double Account member with unique rules for retirement.