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If you are currently a Plan D member, but were a Plan E member at any previous time, your ability to purchase service credit is subject to certain conditions.

As a former Plan E member, you may purchase any type of prior service

  • You completed a transfer to Plan D from Plan E, or
  • After a prior period of LACERA membership totaling less than ten years (non-vested), you returned to County service and reentered LACERA as a Plan D member.

Types of service credit you may purchase, subject to eligibility:

  • Temporary County service performed before you became a LACERA member
  • Non-vested Plan E service if you worked less than ten years as a Plan E member, then terminated County service
  • Prior Plan A, B, C, or D service if you terminated County service, withdrew your retirement contributions, later returned to County service as a Plan E member, and subsequently became a Plan D member
  • Non-County Service: Employment, prior to the date you became eligible for LACERA membership, by any of the following agencies:
    • U.S. government, including military service
    • State of California
    • Any public agency in California

Plan E members may not purchase credit for prior County or non-County service.

Note: These purchases of service credit will increase your total years of service credit, but will not count toward meeting the minimum service credit requirement to retire.