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A Prospective Transfer (PPT) is a simple plan change; you switch from Plan E to Plan D and begin making the monthly contributions. Other key points of a prospective transfer are:

  • Your Plan D contribution rate is based on your current age.
  • You become a Plan D member the first day of the month following 30 days after your application is received by LACERA.
  • You become eligible for disability and survivor benefits upon meeting certain service requirements.  (See Disability Retirement.)
  • A PPT does not require you to purchase any of your Plan E service credit.
  • A PPT provides the option to convert some or all of your Plan E service credit to Plan D.
  • Upon completion of payment to convert your Plan E service credit, your Plan D contributions are computed based on your age at the birthday nearest the first date of the service period you purchased.
  • When your transfer is effective, you will not be eligible to transfer back to Plan E for three years from your effective date of transfer to Plan D. (Certain disabled PPT transferees may be exempt from the three-year waiting period. Read more about this exemption.)
  • Once you elect a PPT, you may not elect an Open Window Transfer.

Payments to purchase and convert Plan E service credit may be made using any of the following methods:

  • Payroll Deductions
  • Qualified Plans: 401(k)/KEOGH
  • 457 Fund Plan Transfers: In-Service or after Termination
  • IRAs: Non-Roth/Non-After Tax
  • 403(b)
  • After-Tax Dollars

If you retire, terminate, or defer your membership before completing your purchase of Plan E service credit, you have 120 days to complete payment using any of the methods referenced above.


To initiate a Prospective Transfer from Plan E to Plan D you will need a Prospective Transfer Election Form. The form is part of the Prospective Transfer Election to Contributory Retirement Plan D package. To order the package, call 800-786-6464.

  • Complete the Prospective Transfer Election Form and return it to LACERA.
    NOTE: Once LACERA has received your Prospective Transfer form it cannot be rescinded.
  • LACERA will notify you by mail of your effective date of transfer.


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