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If you have contributions on deposit with LACERA, you must name a beneficiary to receive survivor or lump sum benefits in the event of your death. Remember to update your beneficiary designation whenever necessary to reflect the changes in your family status due to a birth, death, marriage, domestic partnership registration, or divorce.

Contributory PLANS

LACERA requires each active member in a contributory plan to designate a beneficiary. A member with a spouse or domestic partner typically names his or her spouse or domestic partner as the 100% Priority 1 beneficiary to receive a survivor benefit. If you name a trust, the trust would receive a lump sum benefit, not a monthly survivor benefit.

For more information, see the Pre-Retirement Death Benefits page.


In general, active members in Plan E are not required to name a beneficiary until retirement because Plan E does not provide active member death benefits. However, if you have contributions on deposit with LACERA (for example, if you made contributions to Plan D, then transferred to Plan E), please name a beneficiary to receive your contributions on deposit in the event of your death.


Please contact your department’s Personnel or Human Resources Office to report a change of home address. LACERA obtains your address from the County payroll system to send you important information.