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Members have different beneficiary choices depending on their active or retired status, their retirement plan, and the option they choose at the time of retirement.

Active Members

You may change your beneficiary designation at any time before you retire.

Retired Members

If you selected retirement Option 1, you have full flexibility to change your beneficiary after retirement.

If you selected the Unmodified Option and your eligible surviving spouse, domestic partner, or minor child dies before you, you may change your beneficiary designation after retirement. Upon your death, your beneficiary will receive any remaining balance of the retirement contributions you paid into the fund during your employment. The new beneficiary will not be eligible for a continuing allowance.

You may not change beneficiaries if you chose the Unmodified+Plus Option, Option 2, Option 3, or Option 4. Your monthly allowance was calculated based on your age at retirement and the age of your named beneficiary. Therefore, the survivor benefit can only be paid to the primary beneficiary you named at retirement.

Retirees: $5,000 lump-sum death/burial benefit

Upon your death, a one-time $5,000 lump-sum death/burial benefit will be paid to your primary beneficiary(ies). You may name any beneficiary to receive this benefit. Regardless of which retirement option you selected, you may change this beneficiary after retirement.


You may download a Beneficiary Form or change your Beneficiary on My LACERA.


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