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This calculator will give you an idea of the monthly cost to switch from Plan E to Plan D. It will show results for a Prospective Plan Transfer (PPT) and an Open Window Transfer.* If you transfer prospectively, you may not transfer back for three years. Once you begin a transfer, you cannot switch transfer methods. You may pay for your transfer through a lump-sum payment, or monthly payroll deductions, or a combination of both.

It's flexible! On a PPT, you can choose the number of years of Plan E service credit you want to purchase and convert. You can also select a payment period from 1 to 10 years OR enter the monthly dollar amount you want to pay. (The monthly amount will be split into two equal payments and deducted from your semimonthly paycheck.)

A Prospective Transfer is a simple plan change; you switch from Plan E to Plan D and begin making the monthly contributions. You may also purchase and convert some or all of your Plan E service credit. You will become a Plan D member the first day of the first month that is at least 30 days after your application is received by LACERA. (Example: Application received August 22; Plan D effective date is October 1.)

You may transfer prospectively from Plan D to Plan E and end your monthly retirement contributions to Plan D; however, you will no longer be entitled to the Plan D benefits available for active members.

The Open Window Transfer requires you to purchase all your previous years of Plan E service credit before your transfer becomes effective. It can be purchased by a lump sum payment, through semimonthly payroll deductions, or by using a combination of both. You will remain in Plan E until you have paid the transfer contract in full. The maximum term to complete payment is ten years.

*If you have 25 years or more of service credit, the calculator cannot compute the cost of your Open Window Transfer. Call LACERA at 800-786-6464 for assistance.

If you are interested in transferring plans, consult with a LACERA Retirement Benefits Specialist prior to making your decision.

Answer the following questions to calculate your transfer cost.

1. Have you had a break in service?
Check "yes" if you have previously terminated County service and later returned to service.
Yes No
2. Have you had any period of County employment without earnings
or Absence Without Pay (AWOP)?
Yes No
3. What age will you be when you transfer? Yrs.
4. What is your current monthly salary (gross)?

Click here if you were hired on or before 12-31-95.
$ /Mo.
5. How much Plan E service credit do you have? Yrs. Mos.
6. How many years would you like to purchase? Yrs.

7. How long a period would you prefer to complete your Payment Contract to purchase Plan E service credit?
Enter the amount you would prefer to pay each month.

(You may select only one of the above options.)

$ /Mo.