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Direct Deposit Is Safe, Secure, and Convenient

With Direct Deposit, your money is electronically deposited directly into your checking or savings account on the last business day of each month. Your funds are available for access that same day. As a new retiree or a recipient of continuing benefits, your retirement allowance is paid once a month.

If you update your Direct Deposit application by the 13th of the month (or the last business day beforehand if the 13th falls on a weekend or holiday), your Direct Deposit will begin at the end of that same month. If you enroll in a Direct Deposit account after the 13th of the month that retirement allowance will be by check and your Direct Deposit will start the last day of the following month.

Three Enrollment Methods

LACERA offers three simple methods for enrolling in, making changes to, or canceling an existing Direct Deposit account:

  1. On My LACERA: If you’re a registered user of My LACERA, sign in to your account and select Direct Deposit from the menu
  2. By phone: Call LACERA at 800-786-6464, be ready to provide your account number and bank routing number
  3. By mail: Go to the Brochures & Forms section, print and complete the Direct Deposit authorization form

Direct Deposit Details

Since your money is deposited electronically, there are no checks that could be lost or stolen. Each month you will be mailed an Automatic Deposit Receipt (ADR), indicating the amount of the deposit, along with any deductions. The ADR will serve as your “check stub.”

All of your ADRs are also available on My LACERA. If you’re a registered user of My LACERA, sign in to your account and select Direct Deposit from the menu.

If you are preparing to retire soon, we suggest enrolling in a Direct Deposit account prior to your retirement date to ensure your first retirement allowance is received according to schedule. LACERA is mindful of getting our retirees their payment in a timely manner. However, if incorrect information is recorded, delays in processing or unforeseen banking issues may occur. If this is the case, your first retirement allowance may be by check and may be delayed approximately one week until your Direct Deposit begins.

Direct Deposit cannot be created on pre-loaded debit cards. Only U.S. bank accounts are eligible.

To see payroll calendar dates, visit the Retiree Payday Schedule.