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Retired members may not be paid for service to the County and continue to receive their retirement allowances, except under the following circumstances:

  • As an employee in a County position requiring special skills or knowledge for a period not to exceed 120 working days (960 hours) in any one fiscal year;
  • As a juror, election officer, field deputy for registration of voters, or temporarily as a judge when assigned by the Chairman of the Judicial Council;
  • As a member of the Board of Retirement or Board of Investments;
  • As an elected County official;
  • As a court commissioner assigned by the presiding judge of a court.


A retired member may return to active membership in LACERA, if the member:

  • Makes an application to the Board of Retirement for reinstatement;
  • Is determined by the Board of Retirement not to be incapacitated for the duties assigned to the member, based on medical examination;*
  • Is eligible for membership (i.e., a permanent employee working three-quarter time or more); and
  • Is hired by the County**

The Board of Retirement will cancel your retirement allowance and reinstate you to active LACERA membership. You will become a member of Plan G and subject to the Plan G retirement rules.

Your retirement allowance will be resumed only upon your subsequent termination from County employment. If you received an Early Separation Program (ESP) payoff, you are not eligible for rehire.

*As required by CERL §31680.4.

**A Department must receive approval from the Board of Supervisors to permanently rehire a retiree. Members who received an Early Separation Program (ESP) payoff are not eligible for rehire.