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The Staying Healthy Together program consists of three parts: Newsletter articles, web presence, and wellness fairs.

  • Read informative articles in the Staying Healthy Together section of LACERA’s Spotlight newsletter and within this section of
  • Check out the links within this web section to programs and interesting health-related topics.
  • Attend a Staying Healthy Together Workshop with other LACERA Retirees to socialize and learn more about how to stay healthy.


Medal reading Staying Healthy Together celebrates 10 years of successLACERA would like to thank you for making the Staying Healthy Together program a success. For 10 years, the program has provided retired members with insight into how to stay healthy. We believe this is an integral part of serving our retired members because being in good health means being better able to enjoy retirement. We offer information via workshops, newsletter articles, and web content.

One fun way to stay healthy is to maintain a strong support group. Making friends helps boost mental fitness, among other benefits. Often retirees lose touch with people when they stop going to work, so it’s important to put forth the effort to socialize during retirement. Activities such as the Staying Healthy Together workshops give retirees a chance to connect with peers as well as learn something new each time they attend.

The topics of our workshops fall under the umbrella of keeping a healthy body, mind, and soul. In the past, healthy eating, physical fitness, and heart health have been discussed. Attendees have enjoyed these events at cultural landmarks around Los Angeles County, including Descanso Gardens, Torrance Cultural Art Center, and Diamond Bar Center. Not only are the workshops informative, people also report that they are good fun, so consider attending if you haven’t already. Watch for information about the next workshop’s date, time, and location in your mailbox, or find it on, Retiree Healthcare, Retiree Wellness Program.

View Kaiser Permanente’s Healthy Eating for Older Adults handout from the Fall 2017 workshop.

The Staying Healthy Together program is still going strong since its inception 10 years ago. Because you want to stay healthy, we want to continue giving you ways to do that. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the links we provide to additional health resources. We thank you for your interest and wish you good health and every happiness that retirement affords.

This article is for general informational purposes only. Consult with professional advisors regarding legal, tax, and/or medical matters; LACERA does not offer legal, tax, or medical advice.