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Not sure who to call for additional help or paperwork?

Contact the INSURANCE COMPANY when:

  • You want plan books
  • You need specific healthcare claim forms or I.D. cards
  • You have eligibility or billing questions
Medical Carriers Toll-free Numbers Websites* NurseLine 24/7
(Disease Management Program – With Anthem Blue Cross Plans I, II, and III)
(844) 393-0864 N/A
Pharmacy Advisor Counseling
(with Anthem Blue Cross Plans I, II, and III)
866-624-1481 N/A N/A
Anthem Blue Cross I, II, and III 800-284-1110

(800) 977-0027

Anthem Blue Cross ConditionCare
(with Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer)
800-522-5560 (800) 977-0027
Anthem Blue Cross Prudent Buyer Plan
Prescription drug benefits — IngenioRx
(Effective July 1, 2019)
833-267-2129 (800) 977-0027
Cigna Network Model Plan 800-244-6224 (800) 244-6224
(Prescription drug benefits – Anthem Blue Cross I, II, and III)
800-450-3755 N/A
Kaiser Permanente 800-464-4000 (888) 576-6225
Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage 800-443-0815 (888) 576-6225
SCAN Health Plan 800-559-3500 N/A
UnitedHealthcare 800-624-8822 (866) 747-4325
UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage 800-457-8506 (877) 365-7949
Utilization Review
(Anthem Blue Cross I, II, and Prudent Buyer non-Medicare members only)
800-274-7767 N/A
Dental/Vision Carriers Toll-free Numbers Websites  
CIGNA Dental HMO 800-244-6224  
CIGNA Indemnity Dental 800-244-6224  
CIGNA Vision Plan 877-478-7557  

*These links are provided as a service to our members. LACERA does not administer these websites and is not responsible for their content. For questions regarding content on these sites, contact the respective insurance carrier.

If you need a 1095-B Health Coverage tax form, and you are enrolled in a LACERA-administered Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug Plan (MA-PD) such as Kaiser Senior Advantage, UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage, or SCAN Health Plan, contact Medicare instead of your health insurance carrier. You can request the form by calling 800-633-4227 or visiting