Retirees Beware of Phone Calls from Scammers


ome pension systems in California have reported that scammers have been making phone calls to their members saying they owe money to the fund. Recently, LACERA received one report of a LACERA member being targeted in this manner. These scammers employ fear tactics, telling retirees they must send money through prepaid credit cards in order to receive their pension. LACERA would like you to be aware just in case you receive a similar call. Read more


t its February 15 meeting, LACERA’s Board of Retirement approved a 3.5 percent 2018 COLA increase, exceeding the maximum allowed in all plans for retirees, eligible survivors or beneficiaries, and alternate payees. The following increase will be reflected in your April 30 retirement allowance, as applicable: +3.0 percent for Plan A retirees and eligible payees; +2.0 percent for Plans B, C, D, and G retirees and eligible payees; and up to +2.0 percent for Plan E retirees and eligible payees. For more information and to view the 2018 COLA Accumulation Chart,
click here.