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Corporate Governance Quarterly Review


The Board of Investments and the LACERA Corporate Governance committee have adopted a Corporate Governance principles document. The committee was created to advise the Board of Investments on Corporate Governance issues and initiatives.

The fundamental objective that guides the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association (LACERA) when drafting Core Principles of good corporate governance is to safeguard and promote the economic interests of its active and retired members. LACERA’s Board of Investments recognizes good governance must “maintain an appropriate balance between the rights of shareholders… and the need of board and management to direct and manage the corporation’s affairs free from non-strategic short-term influence.”

This document identifies LACERA’s Board of Investments’ Core Principles in corporate governance. Core Principles include Board Independence, Board Management and Evaluation, and Shareholder Rights. It is also intended to communicate the importance of fiduciary duty, integrity, and transparency to Corporate America.
LACERA’s Corporate Governance Principles

Corporate Governance Policy

The Corporate Governance Policy outlines the responsibilities of LACERA staff in executing its corporate governance efforts in support of LACERA’s Corporate Governance Principles.
LACERA’s Corporate Governance Policy